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Sacred Tree:

Modern Birth Services

Shelby Parker
Los Angeles, Ca
Birth Doula

About Me

While wandering through the local botanical gardens (as I love to do) I saw this huge tree with the most beautiful root system. It's connection and grounding to Earth. The perfect road for the tree to get nutrients from the soil. It reminded me so much about the ​beautiful structure that is within our own bodies when we are growing our baby. Hint: I'm referring to the placenta. The name of SacredTree rooted itself into my brain (see what I did there).

I have known I wanted to be involved in birth work since my school days. I remember the first time I watched a birth video in health class (thanks Mr. Jablonski) and being in awe of the power that comes over a mother in labor. She is empowered! 

My own journey to becoming a doula began around the same time I started my photography business. I knew the next logical step would be to help women birth the way they wanted! I began to soak up as much knowledge that could be thrown at me.  

Every mother deserves the chance to birth the way that she desires. WHATEVER THAT MAY BE! My job is to help you advocate for yourself and act as a resource and support for you before, during, and after your birth.


I work using evidence-based practices that support connection between the birthing person and the child they are bringing into the world. 

What was I doing before becoming a doula? I hold a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and have educated tiny humans for the past 5 years. 

I cannot wait to be a part of your birth story!




Home Visits

We will meet for two prenatal visits at your home or virtually to discuss your ideal birth. Here I will take a brief history and take note of your specific desires for your birth. You will be able to ask questions and gain knowledge to make the important decisions for your care. 

Birth Photography

I am available to photograph your birth! We can discuss these details at your prenatal visit or free consultation. 

Birth Doula

I will be available 24/7 for your birth starting at 37 weeks. I will be stay in contact with you during the early stage of labor and will be present for your entire active labor and delivery. I can offer comfort measures as well as guide your birth partner in whatever you desire. 



"Shelby has been in contact with me since our first meeting, allowing me to ask her questions, even though she is technically not on call for me until I am 37 weeks."

Maureen Dougherty
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